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Joe Biden introduces socialism in the USA and China will more powerful

I heard often, that a lot of capital is flow into China, because of the socialism from Biden.

America now obviously wants to go the not economically unsuccesful path like the EU. Tensions with russia are also supposed to increase, but i cannot verify.

US - Dollar and the world monetary are in extreme danger!

The FED has printed 21 trillion US dollars so far in 2020, which means, that every fifth US-Dollar in the world comes from 2020. The US dollar is getting weaker and weaker and there is therefore a real risk for the world reserve currency crashing through hyperinflation. In the short term you can only save your money by buying gold, but you have to hide that well, as a gold ban by the state is to be feared!

The NWO finally wants to achieve world domination

The NWO wants to use the Corona crisis to finally build world domination.

The states are all massively over-indebted and the NWO has hardly any resitance. The European governments ( Germany, Austria, etc ) deliberately smash their national economies according to the plan of the NWO and build dictatorships like China. One wants to take away all private property from people and transfer this to the world dictatorship in the sense of communism and the national states should disappear, there should only be one world with a uniform financial system and corporations.

The population is being phased out with deadly vaccines, as Bill Gates said. The Europeans, who survive get a chip implanted and are supposed to serve the NWO as slaves.

Only America with its courageous people and freedom-loving people is a serious opponent of the NWO, that`s why the want to destroy it.

Will America remain the numer one world power?

For America, I fear, that under President Biden the Chinese influence will increase and ultimately America will no longer be the world´s number one power. The freedom of citizens in the united States, which the world has so admired, will not remain as it was under President Trump.


I do not collect uncensored informations from America. Please send me information to my email: "office@dreischuetz.com", as well as videos of demonstrations and protests, so that we in Europe know, what really going on in America. Many thanks!


I have received a lot of e-mails about the economic and political situation in America, thank you very much for that, i answer all of them and please keep texting me!

President Trump - its economic policy

I hope, that President Trump will be back soon.

In the Moment, Trump must also print a lot of money, but he know, that America and the world need a new money - system and ihe time will come soon, that the fiat - money - system will be crashed. It can be, that the system, we have, can survive one to three years, but a new money - system must be built up, otherwise it comes to a disaster in America and the whole world.

Trump will introduce the gold - standard and he will abolish taxes on performance.

He kno, that too much money goes nonsensically into institutions, which nobody really need.

But the gold - standard is the most fair system of money, which enables better chances also for poor young people!

The Democrats want only get much money for the rich, this system is maximal unfair!

Also little companies can survive in a gold - standard and the amount of money cannot be expanded at will.

The weak spot of the gold - standard is, that in a crise the state cannot help with cheap money.

I think, it is necessary to write strict exceptions in the constitution, if a great crisis comes.

So I hope, President Trump will be soon back, i love his financial politic!

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